Principal's Message

Dear Fox High School Families, Friends and Colleagues:

I am so excited for the start of the 2016-2017 school year to begin.   I feel both privileged and honored to represent such a wonderful school and community which is Fox High!  Our mission as a school is to provide each and every student the best personalized learning environment and opportunity to help them grow as thinkers, citizens, future leaders and friends.  We will work hard to make sure that your child is coming to a school that they will be proud of being a part of and feel a strong sense of belonging.  Finally, creating an atmosphere of academic excellence is at the core of our pursuits so at the conclusion of four years of attendance at Fox High School, your child will be imminently ready to pursue with passion their next post-secondary transitional goals, whether that be a college or university, community-college, a trade school, the military, or the professional workplace.  I look forward to our journey together again this year!

Dr. Ryan Sherp