*Parts must be learned and memorized!

*To receive your sheet music digitally as a PDF for at-home practice, please email Mrs. Hill: HillL@fox.k12.mo.us


  • Men’s Choir
    • Auditioned men’s choir that focuses on the foundations of vocal tone and health. It also explores the changing-voice and concentrates on choral-blend and part-singing. Admission by approval of director. 

  • Concert Choir Treble (CCT)
    • CCT is a competitive upper-level women’s ensemble selected after years of development in a choral ensemble. Tone quality, maturity, proven work ethic, and experience in part-singing and sight-reading are required. Admission by audition and approval of director.

  • Concert Choir
    • Concert Choir is a highly developed mixed ensemble made up of 50 select choral singers. Students are experienced, established and advanced in all areas of vocal music. An emphasis is placed on the diversity and breadth of traditional choral literature. Limited-admission by approval of director.

  • Chamber Ensemble
    • Elite mixed ensemble comprised of 12-15 vocalists characterized by a variety of difficult renaissance, jazz and contemporary choral music. Limited-admission by audition and approval of director.