simple text- Accompanease Installation instructions.txt
 “Accompanease” Rehearsal Software to practice your Music for “Once Upon a Mattress!”
Installing the Trial Version of the Software
1.	Go to the Following website:
2.	Click on “Once Upon A Mattress” and then click on Windows or Mac
3.	The download should start automatically, if not click where the page tells you to
4.	Follow the instructions in the automatic software installation program. This should install the trial version on your computer.
5.	Next, you’ll need to authenticate the software. Follow the instructions below to unlock the full version with all of the songs.

Unlocking the Full Version:
1. Click either the 'Authenticate' button at program launch or the 'Authorize Full Version' button from the Trial player window.

2. Enter the *exact* following authentication details into the User Information screen:

Full name: Samuel A. Meyer
Organization name: Fox High School Theatre Troupe
Title: Once Upon A Mattress
Email: [email protected]

(Answer "Yes" to the question: "Do you already have an Unlock Code?")

3. Click 'Okay.'

4. Copy and paste the following code into the Unlock Code screen:


5. Click 'Okay.' Your AccompanEase should now be fully unlocked.